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   Company Profile:                                         

Deep Quest Productions LTD. or DPL has 3 individual  units integrated in its structure.

(1) Bennett Video Specialist, a full production facility with the latest in Sony HD and digital cameras. A branch with 45 years experience that will record anywhere, anytime in the air, on land and under the sea. Additionally, BVS is a video production company with an expertise in underwater video.

         Corporate               Underwater              Unconventional          Sports Videos      

(2) Manta Publishing Company  features Novels based on a true story. "Deep Quest" written by 56 year diving veteran Richard Bennett. Read a free excerpt from  Deep Quest. On the site are additional books dedicated to underwater treasure hunting and underwater adventures. Manuscripts, books and short stories are solicited for inclusion. Also included on the site The Poverty Island Brief a brief detailing known information on the sunken gold of Poverty Island. Gold bullion worth some say $400,000,000. A treasure when found will change the lives of thousands of people, scuba divers, treasure hunters, coin collectors, archaeologist, marine preservationists, lawyers, bookkeepers, gold collectors, would be gold hunters and a multitude of other gold hunting enthusiasts. 
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(3) Poverty Island Treasure Hunters  mystery pages.  They reveal for the first time many secrets of the most famous sunken treasure hunt in history. Featured on NBC's Unsolved Mysteries, "The Treasure of Poverty Island" is outlined by 43 year treasure hunter Richard Bennett.
Treasure Hunters Page       

Contact Information:

Deep Quest Productions Ltd. DBA  (Doing Business As) 

1) Bennett Video Specialists 

2) Manta Publishing Company

3) Poverty Island Treasure Hunters

Richard Bennett President

Telephone   414-302-0290
FAX  414-302-0290  call for permission
Postal address
11609 W. Vliet Street   Wauwatosa WI  53226 -3247
Electronic mail
General Information: rbennett@bennettvideo.com
Sales:                        Sales@bennettvideo.com
Customer Support:   Above
DPL Customer Support rbennett@bennettvideo.com

Webmaster: rbennett@bennettvideo.com


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